Mixed use high rise development at Basel main train station, comprising of underground parking and a delivery centre, a public under- path to the train station, retail on the ground floor and residential apartments above.

Project Architect for Variation Studies to the existing competition entry, preparation and submission of the Pre-Planning Application.

Project to be completed in 2018.

Development of a 1035’ tall mixed use high rise building with retail, offices and residential spaces on Park Avenue.

Early Concept Design and Consultant Co-ordination.

Project suspended.

Mixed use development at Basel main train station, with retail, offices and residences for the elderly.

Project Architect for the preparation of amendments to the DA.

Completed in June 2012.

Development of a 1300’ tall mixed use commercial high rise building with retail, offices, hotel and residential spaces facing Central Park.

Project Management and Consultant Co-ordination for Schematic Design and the Pre- Planning Application.

Project suspended.