Werkhof Sissach Voss Architects Baustellen Update 03 Walter Mair 2019

Werkhof Sissach, Neue Fotos von Walter Mair

Mai 2019

Vor der Übergabe an den Bauherren im Oktober letzten Jahres und im Januar 2019 konnte Walter Mair noch die Baustelle photographieren. Vielen Dank für die super schönen Aufnahmen!


Voss Architects East Photographic London Hackney Crossway Site 190308 01

East London, Handover to the Client

March 2019

Last month we have been able to hand over one of our latest project: the offices and creative meeting spaces for East Photographic. We are very happy with the outcome of this fit out project and looking forward to the client settling in and the furniture to arrive.


Werkhof Sissach Voss Architects Baustellen Update 1902 01

Werkhof Sissach, Übergabe an den Nutzer

Januar 2019

Im Januar konnten wir erfolgreich den Werkhof an den Nutzer übergeben. Die Umgebungsarbeiten werden bis April diesen Jahres fertig gestellt.


Voss Architects East Photographic London Hackney Crossway Site 190130 01

East London, Building Works on Site

January 2019

Only two more weeks to go with the furniture being installed and hand over!


Werkhof Sissach Voss Architects Baustellen Update 01

Werkhof Sissach, Baustellen Update

November 2018

Details von der Baustelle. Zum Ende des Jahres wird der Werkhof an den Nutzer übergeben!


Voss Architects East Photographic London Hackney Crossway Site 181124 01

East London, Building Works on Site

November 2018

The building works on site are progressing very nicely. The plasterboard walls have all gone up last week and finally one can see the volumes and different spaces. We are looking forward to the completion of the studio at the end of the year.


01 Voss Architects Lecture Posters News

Lecture at Umea School of Architecture, Sweden

October 2018

VOSS Architects have been invited to hold two lectures at Umea School of Architecture in Sweden, introducing the office as well as talking about the building process from inception to completion on the case study of the Road Works Depot/ Werkhof Sissach, Switzerland.

01 Voss Architects Sissach Richtfest News

Werkhof Sissach, Richtfest

September 2018

Ende August konnten wir nach einem intensiven ersten halben Jahr Bauzeit das Richtfest gemeinsam mit der Bauherrschaft und den Handwerkern feiern.

001 Voss Architects Werkhof Sissach Serie 5

Werkhof Sissach, Baustellen Update

August 2018

Update der Baustelle über die letzten drei Monate bis zum Ende August. Die Holzbauarbeiten sind fertig, das Salzsilo und das Dach stehen.


01 Voss Architects East News

East London, Site Visit

Juli 2018

Recently our client for the fit out of a new photographic agency has taken possession of the site in East London. This ground floor corner unit is going to be transformed into offices, a creative meeting space/ gallery, meeting rooms and supporting facilities. The design and tender documentation has been completed and we are looking forward to starting with the construction in autumn this year.


01 Voss Architects Werkhof Sissach Serie 2 News

Werkhof Sissach, Baustellen Update

Juli 2018

Bauablauf für die Erstellung des Salzsilos und des Daches.


01 Voss Architects Sohm New

Carpenters Workshop, Site Visit

June 2018

Early summer we had the opportunity to visit the carpenters workshop for our latest building in Switzerland. They are responsible for the entire pre-fabrication of the timber structure (laminated beech wood) and all sandwich elements (spruce wood and OSB) to the roof and the façade. It has been a unique experience to learn about the manufacturing process before all the elements are delivered and assembled on the construction site.

01 Voss Architects Werkhof Sissach Serie 1 News

Werkhof Sissach, Winter Baustelle

Januar 2018

Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm - ein Wochenend Baustellenbesuch im Schnee, kurz bevor mit dem Abbruch durch die Unternehmer begonnen wurde.


01 Voss Architects Ellk News

Ellk, Site Visit

February 2017

It is always amazing to visit our clients in the Southern Highlands in Australia. This very private and secluded plot at the edge of the Morton Nation Park is going to be the location for one of our next projects and we are looking forward to the start of construction of the new house.

01 IMG 0491 News

Roni Horn, Exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler

October 2016

A truly amazing new exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler by the American artist Roni Horn. Most incredible are her very deep solid glass sculptures as well as her cut drawings on paper. Don’t miss it!

Fondation Beyeler

October 2016 – January 2017



Thomas Weinberger, Photographer

July 2016

The use of light in Thomas’s architectural photographs has been fascinating me for a long time. He creates a very special atmosphere and places with very distinct character. Very captivating!

His is currently exhibiting at:

As Casas na Colecção do CAM/ Groupshow, CAM Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon / November 20th, 2015 – October 31st, 2016




Tate Modern Extension

May 2016

A very good article on the Tate Modern Extension ahead of the opening of the building on the 16.06.2016.

Very much looking forward to seeing and experiencing it! Well done HdM!


Sydney Opera House

March 2016

Amazing story about the Sydney Opera House from Jørn Utzon and the Australian Architect Peter Hall who completed the building.

jarrod-beck artist

Jarrod Beck, Artist

April 2015

Jarrod has been a great friend and inspiration for many years. His latest work Uplift is on view till August 2015 in Sara D. Roosevelt Park in the NYC’s Lower East Side, USA. Check it out!

tate modern site

Tate Modern Project

January 2009

Watch the building site and see the Tate Modern Project rise out of the ground.


Helsinki Dreispitz

Helsinki Dreispitz

September 2014

Herzog de Meuron's latest residential development has been launched in Basel.

Herzog de Meuron + Hassell win the Flinders Street Station Competition

August 2013

Herzog de Meuron + Hassel win the two stage selection process of the design Competition for the new Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia.

Watch the animation for the new station.

Sir Nicholas Serota on the new Tate Modern Project

May 2010

Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate, talks about The Tate Modern Project.

Sir Nicholas Serota on the new Tate Modern Project

May 2010

Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate, talks about The Tate Modern Project.

tate modern project

Tate Modern Project

April 2015

The Tate Modern Project by Herzog de Meuron is well under way and is going to transform the current Tate Modern with new additional galleries, performance spaces and learning facilities